We create and install bespoke pieces for both exterior glazing and interior design.

Designs are produced in partnership with the client to explore a range of artistic styles, themes and colour palettes to create the stand out feature of any home. 


You will be involved at each stage of the creative process from the initial Vidimus sketches and selection of the glass to the final cut-line. Using our range of experience we can make unique and personalised glass designs or simply those that match an existing traditional design. 


The glass will be cut to a full scale design, leaded up, soldered and then fully weatherproofed before installation.  A unique piece of art to last 100 years or more.

Cleaning & Repair

​From works on a grand scale to simple domestic leaded lights, we offer affordable solutions for repair and professional cleaning service for small breaks and minor degradation in existing glass windows, conservatories, doors, porches and glass objects.


All conservation work is carried out in strict adherence to guidelines issued by the Institute of Conservation in conjunction with the CVMA.

Whatever the scale or historic significance, our aim is to safeguard the stained glass or glazing scheme within its architectural setting,  limiting intervention and preventing further deterioration.  ​

​We offer a full consultation, conservation and restoration service for historic stained glass.

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