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Learn a new skill with a one day beginner intensive stained glass lantern making course at Grandey’s Place with craftsman Tom Vowden. The course is designed for complete beginners to pick up everything you need to know to make your own leaded window. No previous experience is required. You will be learning techniques and skills that have been passed down by craftspeople since the Medieval period.



Sat 28th Oct Fully Booked

Sat 4th Nov Fully Booked

Sat 25th Nov Fully Booked

Sat 2nd Dec Fully Booked


Sat 20th Jan 24 Fully Booked

Sat 27th Jan 24 (4 Spaces) NEW 

Sat 17th Feb 24 (1 Space)

Sat 23rd March 24 (1 Space)

*Updated 2nd Oct 23

Learn how to design and create your own leaded light panel, from selecting and cutting different types of glass to traditional leadworking and soldering.


Your bespoke piece will be fitted into a lantern for you to take home.


This is a full day intensive course lasting around 8 hours, suitable for those who have no prior experience.

£195 per person 

Group bookings of 4 people available on request


One Day Stained Glass Lantern Course Schedule:

9.30am - Welcome and Safety Briefing

9.45am - Learning to cut glass - straight lines, curves and circles

11am - Tea Break - 20 mins

11.20am - Designing a cutline

12pm - Cutting coloured and textured glass to the cutline

1pm - Lunch - 1 Hour

2pm - Continue cutting glass

2.30pm - Demonstration - Leading and soldering the panel

2.45pm - Leading and soldering the panel

5pm - Finished panels fitted into the lantern

End of class

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